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Your Big Health Conversation - GP Services

Your Big Health Conversation: same-day care

In Fareham, Gosport and south east Hampshire the way in which you can be provided with GP services is changing with the introduction of:

  • Integrated Primary Care Access Service – Evening and weekend GP appointments for both routine and urgent issues
  • Same Day Access Services – Urgent same day face to face or phone appointments
  • GP provided phlebotomy tests (blood taking) – GP practices carrying out blood tests at their own practice or one nearby
  • Online access (eConsult) – Patients can contact their GP through the practice website by completing a simple form which is then looked at by a GP who will call or email the patient to give advice, arrange a prescription or book an appointment
  • Online appointment booking – Patients can book or cancel GP or nurse appointments online
  • Online prescription requests – Patients can order repeat prescriptions online
  • Long term condition clinics – Where patients have all the different checks for their condition at the same time, in one place
  • Care navigators – Trained staff who talk to patients to make sure they are directed to the right person or service to help them.

What did we ask people about?

We asked local people to share their views on the use of online services, travel, awareness of the services, and what would make them more likely to use the service so these can be taken into account as the services potentially develop. Thank you to everyone who shared their views through our online survey or with us at one of the venues we attended.

How were local people able to share their views?

We developed an online survey, which we tested with some of our patient groups, which we promoted through social media, our websites, the media and partner websites including the voluntary sector and GP practices.

We also went to a number of local meetings and venues to be talk to people face to face. These included going to a shopping centre, Disability Action Group, Older Persons Forum, community cafe and a hospital Trust open day.

Who took part?

475 people from across Gosport, Fareham and east Hampshire took part:

  • 55.6% were working age and 44.2% aged 64 or above
  • 70.1% were female
  • 3.6% were disabled
  • 13.4% were a carer

What did they tell us?

Those who took part told us:

  • Awareness of the services is mixed
  • Those who have used the services would use them again
  • They would like more information about services - online or a guide
  • GP practices need to be better at promoting the services
  • They are happy to talk to care navigators but want to know why
  • Healthcare professionals being able to access medical records,
    being able to see the right person at the right time and travel need to be thought about as the Integrated Primary Care Access Service is developed
  • Online services need to be improved/simplified
  • Travel (transport and time) is important
  • The Integrated Primary Care Access Service needs to be renamed.

What happens next

We are working with practices to look at the feedback received and determine future actions which will include helping them promote the services. We are also working with the IPCAS service to develop the future model which includes looking at transport and online access.

How can I find out more?

The full results from the survey and the themes are detailed in our engagement report. We have also produced a summary document