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Section 75 agreement with Hampshire County Council

Section 75 Agreement between our CCG and Hampshire County Council

Our CCG and Hampshire County Council (HCC) would like to enter into Section 75 arrangements to support the buying and delivery of health and social care support services.

In our area, the number of people requiring care and support is growing significantly. While the increasing long life of Hampshire residents is to be celebrated, managing the growing demand for care and support during a time of severe financial constraints on the public sector, presents one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS and the county council.

To meet this challenge, services are being modernised. Both organisations want to work together to ensure the care a person receives to support them, in all settings, is joined up. Section 75 of the NHS Act 2006 allows certain Councils and NHS organisations to enter into arrangements to help them to do this. In particular they may put in place pooled budgets, (a shared pot of money), integrated management of teams to jointly deliver service arrangements, or for a council or an NHS organisation to be the lead commissioner to contract for services on behalf of the other.

This is known as a Section 75 arrangement.

Partners may not enter into any partnership arrangements unless they have consulted jointly with people they consider may have an interest or be affected by such arrangements. This consultation asks for your view on Hampshire County Council and the five Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Hampshire entering into such arrangements

The five CCGs are:

  • NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham
  • NHS North Hampshire
  • NHS West Hampshire
  • NHS South Eastern Hampshire CCG
  • NHS Fareham and Gosport

Proposals for buying and delivering health and social care support services in Hampshire

Currently, HCC and the NHS have separate arrangements for buying health and social care services.

The proposal is that the county council, with the agreement of the CCGs, would become the lead commissioner and would be responsible for making arrangements and placing contracts for healthcare services, as well as social care services, delivered to a person in their own home or in an alternative setting. This is because HCC already has a very well established process for buying services and for negotiating competitive rates, as well as a flexible framework of providers delivering care to Hampshire residents.

Responsibility for identifying the care or health needs of a person, would remain with the individual organisations working together as part of an integrated community care team. In practice this would mean that the healthcare needs of an individual would continue to be determined by health professionals such as GPs, not Adult Social Care.

The customer service experience would be improved by working together in this way, with no unnecessary duplication, ensuring the limited public funds available to the two organisations are spent in the most cost effective way possible.

Seeking your comments

Local people were asked for their views on this proposal and the responses are currently being collated. The consultation findings will be published in October and presented for discussion at the relevant CCG and county council meetings.