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Our objectives

quality and safety

Our five-year vision is for everyone to have the support they need to live the life they want - to take control of their health and be as independent as possible throughout their lives.

If we can do that by 2019, we would expect to see other benefits too:

  • people with treatable health conditions living longer
  • people with more than one long term condition enjoying a better quality of life generally
  • a reduction by up to 15% in emergency admissions to hospital as people receive better care away from hospitals
  • people will spend less time in hospital and more will be able to live independently at home after discharge
  • hospital treatment and other types of care will be viewed positively by at least 90% of those who use them
  • avoidable deaths due to problems in hospital care will have reduced.

Patients and members of the public have helped shape this vision, together with health professionals - such as GP practices and NHS trusts - local councils and voluntary organisations.

As you might expect, achieving our vision will mean change.  Some of these will be small adjustments to the way things are currently done, but other areas of healthcare may undergo a more substantial transformation.

As a starting point, we have put together a set of actions that we think hold the key to us being able to make the progress we want to over the next five years.  These are our five strategic objectives, and they are the framework by which we will plan and drive forward our work over the next few years.