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Our engagement principles

The CCG is committed to meeting its duty under s242 NHS Act 2006 to involve and consult the public in:

  • The planning and provision of services;
  • The development and consideration of proposals for change in the way services are provided, and;
  • Decisions affecting the operations of those services.

Our vision is for our communities to get involved and influence their local health services. As a CCG, putting the public, patients and carers at the centre of our plans and getting your input is very important. 

When we seek the views of local people we work to a set of core principles. These are:

  • Involving member practices, the wider clinical community, our communities and partners in co-producing health services that improve quality and productivity, including seeking, collecting and acting on their views so local needs/wants are reflected in the services we commission
  • Being open, honest, timely and transparent when communicating and engaging with member practices, the wider clinical community, our communities and partners
  • Ensuring communication and engagement is meaningful, targeted and integral to our business planning and decision making processes
  • Supporting the ethos of ‘No decision about me without me’
  • Being inclusive and seeking the views from all sections of our communities
  • Being accountable and demonstrating how we have acted on the feedback we have received
  • Guarding against consulting for consultation’s sake as we often already know what people want and need to communicate effectively what we are doing in response to what we have already heard
  • Making everyone in the CCG responsible for communications and engagement.

There is further information about our engagement approach in our Communications and Engagement Strategy which is currently being updated. The strategy is available in the Key Documents section.