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Integrated care outside hospital

Objective two

We will integrate primary care, community care, social care and voluntary services to deliver a range of care, close to home, that allows people with complex needs and the most vulnerable to stay healthy and feel in control of their condition.

To put it another way, we will ensure that people who need care the most have a team of people available to support them when they need it.

We want to see a radical transformation in the way the health and care system organises itself out of hospital, using the Better Care Fund.  This is a programme for us to reallocate some of the money we currently use for hospital care.  By working with Hampshire County Council, we want to delay or prevent people's dependency on expensive long term treatment in favour of more cost effective community focused care.

This will mean investing more money in care close to your home and we expect to move towards groups of care providers working together to provide care to local people.

If we get this right people won't need to go to hospital as much.  Local hospitals will have to adapt to this, offering more of their expertise outside hospital buildings and close to where you live.