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Staying healthy and preventing ill health

Objective one

We will work with local people and their communities to prevent the causes of ill health, support healthy lifestyles, reduce health inequalities and to give children the best start in life.

In other words, good health really does begin at home and the more we can do to encourage that, the less we will see poor health impact on people's lives in later years.

This is about giving everybody the best chance in life, supported by services of consistent quality wherever they are.  It is fundamental to our vision.

We know that people in the most deprived areas are disproportionately affected by ill health and are more likely to die early.  We can tackle this by considering three main areas of action:

  • getting better at how we detect and treat existing disease
  • tackling lifestyle behaviours such as obesity, alcohol and smoking
  • influencing the social determinants on health like poverty, unemployment and education.