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Sleeping rough to raise awareness of being homeless

Sleeping rough to raise awareness of being homeless
28 March 2018

Dr Barbara Rushton, chair of the South Eastern Hampshire CCG governing body, will be joined by Dr Linda Collie, chief clinical officer for the NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (PCCG) and Dr Elizabeth Fellows, chair of the PCCG governing board, to take part in the CEO Pompey Sleepout, which takes place on April 16.

The national fundraising initiative invites leading figures across the country to endure a sponsored sleep in the open air of their own communities and raise cash for local causes fighting homelessness.

Dr Rushton said: “Sleeping rough can have massive effects on both physical and mental health. Circumstances can change quickly and you can find yourself homeless. By experiencing this, it can help us understand the health needs of the homeless further.”

Money raised from the event will be shared among charities that help the homeless.

Dr Collie said: “I see a number of patients who are homeless and when you listen to their stories it is clear that homelessness can happen to anyone.

“Charities are working hard to give homeless people a helping hand so they can get back on their feet. Once they have housing, health improves, they can access benefits and support and find employment.”

All three will be joining a raft of other leaders in the Portsmouth area and will be sleeping on the grounds of Fratton Park – home to Portsmouth Football Club – from 8pm to 6am.

Dr Fellows said: “I am doing this to raise awareness of homeless people. We have a surgery that is close to the Hope House facility, in Milton Road, and so we see many patients who have been homeless and some who still are.

“I’m taking part to gain just a glimpse of what they go through on a daily basis.

“As a CCG we need to consider all of our population in the city and those without homes can be invisible, so this is a reminder to include them in our consultations and plans.”

You can sponsor all three GPS on their individual Justgiving pages: