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Medicines Management

Medicines management

NHS South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for the prescribing budgets of its member practices.

The CCG has its own medicines management team who work closely with the GP practices to support high quality cost effective prescribing.

There is an Area Prescribing Committee, which is hosted by NHS Portsmouth CCG, that oversees the introduction of new drugs and guidelines into the local health economy and manages the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Prescribing Formulary. Details of the formulary, including approved NICE technology appraisals, can be found on the following website:  

The Area Prescribing Committee has also approved the Hampshire–wide Wound Management Formulary for local use.

This page will be developed over the coming months to provide information on the local prescribing decisions and policies.

Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review poster

The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review has produced a poster to ensure people are aware of its work on three medical interventions – pelvic mesh implants, primodos and hormonal pregnancy tests and sodium valproate.

You can see it here.