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Better Local Care

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Better Local Care (BLC) in Hampshire was part of a three year nationally funded 'Vanguard' programme aiming to simplify how you access health and social care in your community by removing the red tape that often causes delays and frustration so you get the care you need at the right time, in the right place, by the right person.

The work to date has started to achieve this by bringing together care professionals who already support the same local people, offering new ways for patients and the public to shape their own local services, and making sure care funding goes where it will make the biggest difference to people’s lives. We have already seen that taking this different approach is increasing the number of people receiving the care and support they need closer to their home resulting in less people needing to be cared for in hospital.

Whilst the Vanguard programme has ended the work of Better Local Care is continuing and developing. Work is now underway to take this approach across the local area learning from the successes of the Better Local Programme.

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